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These are the companies that Southwind has a partnership agreement with and who offer expertise within the industry

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Greenstat and Everfuel is cooperative’s on the project Hydrogenhub Agder, where we are working to realize our hydrogen plant on the Fiskaa Industrial Area. The parties have established a joint company EGP1 AS (Everfuel Greenstat Production 1 AS). The hydrogen plant at Fiskaa is planned for completion in Q4 2024. We can distribute hydrogen in containers to various ports and quay fronts, and delivery to SouthWind Harbor is important for our part of the country and central to our projects.

Aurora Offshore AS is your energy market vessel provider. The company specializes in providing high-end offshore vessels towards the oil & gas, wind & alternative energy markets.

Advokatfirmaet Kjær is a Kristiansand-based law firm specialized in commercial law and litigation.
We have teams with specialized expertise in offshore contracts and Norwegian building and civil engineering contracts.

North Ammonia is dedicated to developing green ammonia as an attractive energy alternative for the maritime sector. The company leverages strong industrial experience from its owners and select world-class partners and companies to support the realization of our projects that will help facilitate large scale decarbonization of the oceans.

O.E.Hagen offers many years of experience as an underwater contractor with complex diving assignments. Our capabilities include visual and instrumental inspection and cleaning of corrosion, mooring and anchoring solutions in addition to NDT and repairs and assembly on site, all performed by  highly capable divers and/or ROVs.

OneCo Safe Yards offers all types of services related to ships, classification and repairs. Our main fields are hydraulics, mechanics, cranes, pipes, structures, and welding technology. But we also take on other tasks, including marine and offshore turnkey solutions. At our facilities in Kristiansand, we provide a wide range of maintenance and service to the marine and offshore segments. With our 185x35m drydock and several workshops.

Origo Solutions delivers control systems for wind parks. The system collecta data, displays this in realtime on a user friendly interface and stores historical data for analysis which ensures optimal production, reduced maintenance, higher safety and improved logistics.

Pareto Shipbrokers offers highly competitive shipbroking services in the Offshore, Renewables and Telecoms markets, servicing a wide range of Shipowners, Charterers, Shipyards and Operators worldwide. Pareto Shipbrokers operates from four locations – Norway, England, Scotland and Singapore. Being a member of the Pareto Group allow us to structure “total package deals” for our Clients combining our offshore and shipping know-how and shipbroking capabilities with financial support and solutions.

We provide industry-leading GWO-certified, safety training for the wind power and renewables sectors.
Our experience and knowledge of safety training for the offshore energy sector has proven invaluable in the development and delivery of practical, realistic safety training.
Our training facility is specially designed to deliver as realistic training as possible. We have dedicated training facilities including wind turbine training and boat transfer facilities

Delivering sustainable products and solutions to the On- and Offshore industry such as Solar energy, Wind turbines, Peak Shaving, Energy storage, Energy economization and Energy recovery solutions.On & Offshore Electrical has DSB certifications to issue compliance declaration for a wide range of installations such as high voltage, low voltage, automation, batteries, energy solutions, ATEX/Ex and infrastructure.

Global Onsite is a total supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic products, with divisions in Norway, England and Spain (Las Palmas). Our main office is located in Birkeland, Agder. Global Onsite provides a highly competent and experienced service team, including GWO certified rope access wind turbine technicians, GWO Blade B certification for blade repair and Siemens approval for shut down of turbines, able to travel to any location in the world.

Siem Offshore is a leading offshore vessel provider with 28 vessels world-wide. The company’s goal is to further strengthen its standing as a major provider within the marine services to the offshore wind industry, both for bottom-fixed and floating wind farms. Siem Offshore commenced operations with effect from 1st of July 2005 with headquarter located in Kristiansand, Norway.

Smart Inspection AS is an innovative company with technology enthusiasts who believe in the use of data for increased sustainability and efficient operation.
Our ameta platform collects and displays information from existing IT and OT systems in a simple and userfriendly interface.
By collecting data from various silos in an overall picture, the real gains are realised. Value is created through making faster and better decisions, increased uptime and improving efficiency and income.

Vind develops a disruptive platform that combines access to data, analyses, optimization and
collaboration in a user-friendly interface. The platform can easily be accessed from the browser and
gives an easy and accurate way to screen new project sites and design parks in detail to prepare for
permit applications. Vind aims to reduce project risk,- cost and -time and increase the production
efficiency, while mitigating the project’s impact on nature and local societies.

Innoventus Sør is a regional innovation company and a Siva incubator that represents Southern Norway. Innoventus Sør actively works with entrepreneurs, businesses, public agencies, academic and research environments to create sustainable solutions for the future. Innoventus Sør’s business idea is to contribute to the commercialization of innovative ideas that provide growth and employment.

Southern Norway’s most attractive conference hotel has been completely upgraded. We focus on renewable energy, and have recently installed solar cells on the roof as one of the first hotels in the region.
Here you can enjoy a comfortable Jensen mattress, excellent indoor air quality, and a warm atmosphere in the heart of Kristiansand.

Hydroscand offers a complete range of hoses and fluid components. Beyond hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses we also have all types of hose couplings, adapters, fittings, ball valves, pipes, mounting technology, swivels, crimping machines, measurement equipment, filters, pneumatic technology and a variety of related accessories.

Servi Group is Norway’s largest supplier of hydraulic equipment and services to a broad range of industries including maritime, oil and gas, offshore wind, hydropower, aquaculture, defence and process manufacturing.Servi is also a system integrator offering complete power and motion control systems combining own products with components from Tier 1 suppliers. Servi has in-house manufacturing and assembly of hydraulic power units (HPUs), hydraulic cylinders, accumulators, shock absorbers, valves and valve blocks. In addition, Servi offers complete lifecycle services onshore and offshore.

Meventus is a leading Nordic renewable energy consultancy company with primary focus in wind power project development and operation. With head office in Kristiansand, a subsidiary in Sweden and services spanning the entire life cycle, our highly skilled staff has over fourteen years of experience assisting our clients develop and operate successful wind power projects. Our track record includes over 28,000 MW wind resource analyses, 4,500MW of WTG supply- and service contracts negotiated and procured on behalf of our clients, and 4,600 MW of Due Diligence assessment for project transactions.

At Norsjór, we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the maritime industry. Our state-of-the-art laser systems are designed to remove fouling without damaging the underlying surface, making them ideal for use on a wide range of assets, from ship hulls to offshore wind turbines. Our technology is also highly effective at eliminating the threat posed by invasive species, helping to protect our oceans and waterways.

Firenor offers a complete range of fire suppression systems and top-notch after-sales services, delivered by our GWO certified engineers

Amogy offers ammonia-based, emission-free, high energy-density power solutions to decarbonize transportation for a sustainable future. Founded in 2020 by four MIT PhD alumni with a shared vision, Amogy aims to enable the decarbonization of the heavy-duty transportation sector, accelerating the global journey towards Net Zero 2050

Volt Power Analytics is an independent provider of tailor-made models and analyses covering longterm
development of power balances, prices and capture rates within the European power market. We offer our expertise through tailor-made analyses regarding long-term power market developments and support to investors in evaluating renewable projects in the context of the green transition; renewables and hydrogen.

Mobydo provides innovative digital collaboration systems for offshore and onshore industry. Our digital twin control of work systems are powered with AI based quality controls and extensive use of experience transfer to boost productivity, quality and compliance in operations and production. Our core expertise are within offshore operations, risk and quality management, risk analysis, technical safety (including HVDC design), automation, process safety, regulations and HSEQ. We are developing condition and predictive maintanance technology for future O&M solutions.

The Event AS is a well renowned event company based in Kristiansand that specializes in organizing conferences of all sizes, events and group travels. Our customer base extends all over Norway, and we offer creative and flexible solutions, based on our costumers´ needs and wants.

– “We make it happen” –

Webstep´s Sørlandet divison is a leading provider of IT consultancy services. Our multidisciplinary expertise serves a diverse range of industries, spanning both the public and private sectors. We have broad experience from the energy- and maritime sector. We distinguish ourselves through our expert knowledge across various technological domains, including IT architecture, integration services, cloud-based solutions, custom software development, and UX/UI design. Our targeted client-centric approach ensures effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions that deliver tangible value to our clients.

Globetech AS is a Kristiansand based company with 30 years extensive ICT experience from the maritime industry. We provide ICT solutions and services to vessels and mobile offshore installations around the globe. With an office and warehouse located near Kristiansand port facilities, we are ready to serve any vessel in need of hardware, office supplies or experienced ICT technicians. Our warehouse is stocked with essentials which enables us to serve clients on short notice and in a sustainable way.

Day of Week is a retailtech startup company established in Kristiansand, with passion for tasty food with impact and local stories. We match local market needs with producers, help producers with product development and makes the production and deliveries of locally adapted food simple and traceable. Day of Week is the digital commercial link that enables a short value chain between customers and producers. We build an economically sustainable business and create a measurable, positive effect on food as a priority social problem.

Agder Industri-Automasjon AS (AIA) is an automation and digitalization company in Kristiansand.We are specialized in creating complete operational control systems for industry customers worldwide.AIA has its own workshop, for designing and building electrical cabinets to our own projects and to customers.

AIA delivers services from: Project Planning, Design, Assembly and Programming on automation and digitalization systems. We also have service personnel who service all types of automation and control systems.


APAXA AS provides services within 3D scanning, project management and engineering services, machine and product design, procurement of productions and purchasing services.


GEO PROVIDER is a Norwegian owned consultancy company with headquarter in Norway providing
geoscience and geotechnical expertise to the offshore energy industry including oil and gas, CCS and
offshore wind. Specialities include high resolution seismic processing, integrated technical studies
and site survey. Customers include major companies like Equinor, Aker BP and !Z)rsted.