Ripple Effect Analysis

Southwind presented yesterday the reports “O&M Port Kongsgård – Market Insight + Port assessment & concept planning” and “Ripple Effect Analysis – O&M Port Kongsård”.

Presentations were held by Jonas Kvåle, CEO, and Øystein Bondevik, Chairman. The key take aways shows approximately 100 FTE (full times employees) and a local tax income of NOK 500m – this with little or no investments needed – just from Sørlige Nordsjø II alone.

After each presentation a panel discussion was held with prominent guests, including Mayor Mathias Bernander, Harald Dirdal / Norseman, Atle Kristian Johannessen / CEO Port of Kristiansand IKS, Trond M. Backer / Næringsforeningen i Kristiansandsregionen.

The reports will be available from this article and on our website.